Cancellation Policy

You acknowledge and agree that Users may elect to cancel requests for Transportation Services that have been accepted by you via the Driver App at any time prior to your arrival. In the event that a User cancels an accepted request for Transportation Services, Company may charge the User a cancellation fee on your behalf. If charged, this cancellation fee shall be deemed the Fare for the cancelled Transportation Services for the purpose of remittance.

The parties acknowledge and agree that as between you and Company, this Cancellation Fee is a recommended amount, and the primary purpose of such Cancellation Fee is to act as the default amount in the event you do not negotiate a different amount.

You will be charged a cancellation fee in the following situations:

Cancellation fees are charged to compensate drivers for time invested in traveling to a rider's pickup location. 

1. If you cancel at any point after your driver accepts the trip
2. If you cancel at any point after the driver arrives
3. If the driver cancels after waiting 2-5 minutes at the pickup location
4. If you don't show up
5. If you cancel after dispatcher confirm your booking on the phone/website/apps

You will not be charged a cancellation fee on requests if you cancel before a driver accepts or if your driver cancels before waiting 2 minutes at your pickup location. Cancellation fee don't apply if your driver is late 5 or more minutes based on ETA information when your ride was first accepted.

Current cancellation fees for Winnipeg Area

Sedan : $5.00 plus GST
SUV: $12.00 plus GST
Premier: $12.00 plus GST
Van: $8.00 plus GST

Dishonesty fees 
There is a dishonesty fee associate if passenger don't show up after arrival of the driver to the pickup address. 
If you book ride by calling our dispatchers or using any of YOWEBY digital platform you are agree to pay dishonestly fees. YOWEBY commits to pay to it's partners/drivers and to protect that commitment YOWEBY will collect any dishonestly fees associated with the ride. 

How we calculate dishonesty fees?
Dishonesty fees = Cancellation fee + Any Wait time (plus GST)
In case of No show up our driver force to End the ride. 


If you believe you were incorrectly charged a cancellation fee on a trip, contact us for review.